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Welcome outsiders!

Welcome to “Confessions of an Outsider”! We made this blog to inform you about different subjects that can help you in your daily life and to share our own topics of interest so you can relate to them. We are a couple of teenagers thirsty for knowledge! Thats why we decided to share what we know with you. You may be asking yourself, why is the blog called like that ? Well an outsider is considered as a stranger — someone who doesn't fit in, or someone who just observes from afar. The topics we talk about in this blog are not the typical blog experience topics, on the contrary, they are topics teenagers don’t usually learn about. They normally just observe grown ups learn them and watch them apply them on their daily life. This is your chance! In here, you’ll find great information and tips that you can use further in your life. They’ll help you see what you would want to get into in your life and now! So what are you wanting for, go ahead and explore!
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